Nordlys IPL
Nordlys IPL

Nordlys IPL - Face

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Nordlys is a workstation that employs three different technologies for aesthetic and dermatological treatments.

Clear, Smooth, Radiant Skin
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Aesthetic and dermatological treatments are now safer, faster, and more effective with powerful multi-application platforms like Candela’s Nordlys. The machine uses three different technologies, Nd:YAG1064, Frax 1550, and Ellipse IPL. These three technologies allow dermatologists to provide efficient treatments to over 21 indications. The workstation also comes with SoftCool, a cooling feature that reduces the heat during treatments, therefore, preventing discomfort to patients.

Nordlys is a workstation that employs three different technologies for aesthetic and dermatological treatments. These technologies allow users to provide the most suitable treatments for various indications. Nordlys can be used for multiple aesthetic and dermatological applications.

The workstation is designed for ease of use, helping dermatologists provide beautiful results in just one treatment. Other than the IPL and laser handpieces that come with the workstation, it has features and accessories that improve patient comfort and precision of the treatment.

More Information
  • MINIMIZED WRINKLES AND FINE LINE - Nordlys can help tighten skin and give it a firmer texture with its Frax1550 handpiece. It is used for non-ablative skin resurfacing, which helps minimize the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. The treatment is suitable for mature patients with sagging and thinning skin. The skin resurfacing procedure is a no-downtime treatment that is perfect for all skin types.
  • REDUCED SKIN REDNESS - Rosacea is a skin condition that affects up to 20% of the population. This skin condition is characterized by red skin that looks inflamed. Nordlys provides an effective solution for rosacea, which reduces redness and improves overall skin tone. After treatment, skin gets a lighter, more radiant, and even tone. It can also be used on sensitive areas of the face such as the mouth and nose area.
  • DARK SPOTS CLEARANCE - Dark spots can be caused by pimples, acne, and sun damage. Nordlys targets pigmented cells on skin, which shatters them, leaving the treated area with lighter and more even tone. The treatment does not cause any peeling or redness after the procedure. Nordlys is the ideal treatment for pigmented lesions because it does not cause any downtime or side effect.
  • LEG AND FACE VEINS TREATMENT - Nordlys is also equipped with Nd:YAG 1064nm handpiece, which can address facial and leg veins. It targets blood vessels without causing damage to surrounding tissue. This helps reduce the appearance of facial and leg veins for a clear and blemish-free appearance.
Treatment Type IPL
Treatment Problem or Condition Fine Lines, Rosacea/Redness, Wrinkles
Brand Candela
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