Total Skin Solution
Total Skin Solution

Total Skin Solution

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A revolutionary solution for safe short radiofrequency skin treatments.

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Ultra—non-ablative skin resurfacing with minimal downtime and results that you can see immediately. Treat pigmentation, actinic keratosis, fine lines and wrinkles, rejuvenation.

Genius RF—intelligent microneedling radiofrequency for collagen stimulation to address acne scarring, wrinkles, skin tightening.

Developed by the researcher behind the Na Effect, Genius RF is the first and original short pulse microneedling RF treatment using the phenomenon of alternating bipolar signal energy. First published in Scientific Reports, a journal of the Nature Publishing Group, the technology behind the Genius RF is guaranteed safe and is FDA approved. The Genius RF is patented not only in America, but in 70 other countries, in Europe, Asia, Middle East, Oceania, and South America.

Presently, the only solution for scalp sagging is a procedure called the surgical face lift. In this procedure, the skin of the face is tightly pulled up, the excess skin is cut away, and the skin is sutured together. Patients who have gone through this procedure struggle to hide the scars left over from the extremely invasive procedure. However, the scars can always be felt and often upset patients who find that they do not fade away. However, the Genius RF can cleanly remove the scar so that it is not seen or even felt.

Scalp skin tightening is a treatment unique to the Genius RF; no other machine can achieve its same effect. This painless procedure allows for patients to undergo the whole process without numbing cream, all of which is finished in just ten minutes. Three hours after the procedure, patients are able to wash their hair as normal, and their scalp will be fully restored to its original youthful state.

In the couple days following the procedure, patients may feel a slight pulling or tugging sensation in the skin of their scalp. Patients can take this feeling as proof of the effectiveness of the treatment. The skin that was previously sagging will now feel tight and supple. Scalp skin tightening treatment is crucial for the prevention of a myriad of other skin-related issues, such as forehead wrinkles, eyebrow drooping, crow’s feet, cheekbone sagging, oral sagging, smile lines, and angular jaw.

This new treatment is little heard of because even existing copycat-machines do not yet have knowledge of this treatment. If a copycat machine promising the same treatment has been purchased, we strongly advise it be returned and instead to invest in the Genius RF, the original leader of the scalpskin tightening treatment.

  • Previously discovered radiofrequency treatments were either ineffective or unsafe, with short-lived and limited results.

  • However, through a study published in Nature Publishing Group’s Scientific Reports, renowned doctor and scientist Jongju Na was able to find the key method for the safest and most effective RF treatment. He named this discovery the “Na effect”.

  • The distinguishing factor of this phenomenon is the achievement of independent tissue coagulation around each microneedle electrode. While previous RF systems were only able to produce a widespread area of coagulation around the whole area of skin targeted, leading to an ineffective treatment with little to no results, the Na Effect allows for incredible skin rejuvenation.

  • The proven science behind the Na effect is what allows the Genius RF to deliver state-of-the-art care and healing for people of all skin types and issues.

  • “Nevertheless, the emission of RF energy for more than 1 second produced a cocoon-shaped area of coagulation around each microneedle electrode which is the area with higher current density, and then convergent areas of coagulation in the areas with lower current density between the microneedles as inter-electrode currents passed between electrodes: we suggest naming our novel finding of independent tissue coagulation around each electrode as a “Na effect” to distinguish it from other RF tissue reactions.”

More Information

• FDA Cleared
• US Patented
• International Patented [CA, EU, Asia, etc.]
• Short pulse RF
• No side-effect
• No downtime
• No bleeding
• Safe for all kinds of skin types

Treatment Type Micro Needling, Skin Resurfacing Treatments
Treatment Problem or Condition Acne Scarring, Age Spots/Sun Damage, Dehydrated Skin, Fine Lines, Hyperpigmentation/Uneven Skintone, Uneven Skin Texture, Wrinkles
Size N/A
Brand Lutronic
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Treatment delivers results in a single treatment for most patients with little to no downtime. The treatment is very comfortable and attractive to patients. More treatments give more results. We recommend 3 treatments during a year to maximize skin rejuvenation.